Elevate the workplace with the right employee engagement and quality staffing.

How M&T H.R Solutions Is Changing Your Workplace


Looking for a better, more exciting way to increase employee engagement in your workplace? We’re here to give you unlimited access to the professional human resources management you need to improve work satisfaction, motivate your teams, and grow your business every single day.

The Industries We're Shaping

As professional human resources management experts, we’ve been around. We’ve worked with teams big and small to help them put the pep back in their professional step.


Here are just a few of the industries that we’ve worked in.

We're The Team You Want in Your Corner

We're Human Resource Experts

We’re passionate about giving the businesses the HR tools they need to retain the employees that make their brands so unique while creating meaningful and rewarding spaces that those very same employees won’t want to leave. 

We’re Remote-Friendly

Our Houston-based team is ready and waiting to help brands and businesses from all over the world! Thanks to our remote HR services, you can enjoy complete convenience without compromising your results.

We’re Transparent

A key factor of how we help you increase employee engagement in your workplace is transparency. We’re honest people! We’ll be straightforward and upfront about everything from our rates to our company policies.

We’re Minority-Owned.

Diversity is a standard for us. We genuinely understand the power and innovation that comes from driving diversity in every part of a business, and we’ve seen first-hand what we can achieve. We take each different perspective into consideration, which is why we’ll create the tailor-made HR strategies your business needs.